The A10 Advantage for Employers and Employees


  • +  Time savings by decreasing drive and wait times
  • +  Cost savings by eliminating co-pays and deductibles
  • +  Elimination of unnecessary referrals to specialists
  • +  More time with health provider to discuss important health concerns
  • +  Patient medical home tracks all health and disease prevention care
  • +  Outreach for preventive care
  • +  Occupational health, laboratory, pharmacy, imaging and rehabilitation services result in better adherence to treatment plans with improved health outcomes

  • Employers

  • +  Decreased absenteeism and time off the job
  • +  Increased control over healthcare costs such as referral to specialty care only when necessary
  • +  Provision of quality care at lower cost
  • +  On-site occupational health including drug-testing, work hardening, pre-placements exams, etc.
  • +  Patient-centric care focusing on health/disease prevention, supporting benefits plans and behavior change, not just sickness
  • +  Population health management integrates health and disease prevention programming with organizational supports to effect sustainable health behavior change
  • +  Effective administration of vaccine and travelers’ health program
  • +  Healthier, more productive employees
  • +  Ability to impact the health of employees and their families

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