Ask the A10 Work Nurse

Don’t Flu Me Now

Dec 3

Ounce of Prevention

Aug 26

Heel Me

Aug 26

Perfume Doom

Aug 26

Dusty in Springfield

Aug 26

Cracked Up

Aug 26

The A10 Work Nurse

I have been an onsite clinic nurse in a number of corporate and municipal environments that cater to employees, and I am offering you the opportunity to ask those work-related health questions that you want answered but may be too uncomfortable asking in person. 

Just shoot me a question at and I will post as many of your questions as possible. 

*Disclaimer: While Ask the A10 Work Nurse provides you suggestions based on my years of workplace health and wellness experience, it is recommended that you coordinate all actions with your onsite health nurse or personal physician, and/or your Human Resources leader.

Here’s to your health!